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Images: One’s Truth, Take Mind’s Place, Nicotine, Just Chronicle, Across The Universe July 1, 2016 at theGAME (Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan)

An odd thing I learned about shows in Japan was the pre-show ticketing process. On the flyer for the show, there was an email address to contact about tickets. It seemed straightforward enough, I assumed I would email them and they would point me to a site to buy tickets. ...

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Favorite Music of 2015 Part Three members of Rayner, Be Like Max, Unfair Fight and more

With 2015 almost over it’s time to look back at the outstanding music that made this another great year for music. Today we’re bringing you best of lists from Ashleigh Matview (Punks in Vegas), Tylor Thuirer (Punks in Vegas/Thuirer Media), Lance Wells (Faded Grey/Tomorrows Gone), Alan Madrigal (Punks in Vegas), Christopher Piro (Rayner), John Vanacore (Outlook Fanzine/Spring Time), Meredith Ann Hall (Coastal Skyway), Michael Lucius (Coastal Skyway), Preston Harper (Be Like Max) Chris Duggan (Unfair Fight/TheCore./Punks in Vegas) and Cory Van Cleef (Caravels). ...

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