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Images: Garrett Dale (Red City Radio), No Red Alice, Paige Overton, Girls and Wolves March 4, 2016 at the Beauty Bar

Whenever there are music festivals in surrounding cities, we here at Punks in Vegas always hope we’ll end up with a one-off show from a great musician as they travel through to the big gig. That said, it never occurred to me that Vegas’ own Cannabis Cup would bring out one of my favorite punk rock frontmen, Red City Radio’s Garrett Dale. ...

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Images: The Bombpops, Western Settings, Caskitt, Go Bold February 24, 2017 at the Beauty Bar

Recent Fat Wreck signees (and Stripped Down Session alumnus) The Bombpops made their way through Vegas this past Friday, celebrating the release of their long-awaited debut full length 'Fear of Missing Out.' The weather was frosty cold but as Brock Frabbiele (frontman of opening band Go Bold) pointed out, it was fitting weather for a band named after ice cream. ...

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