Review Category : Punk Rock Bowling

Images: Teenage Bottlerocket, Red City Radio, Playboy Manbaby May 29, 2016 at Backstage Bar and Billiards

If there’s one thing I learned watching Descendents close out Sunday’s PRB festival proper, it’s that exhaustion is nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix. So after downing enough caffeine to put Bill Stevenson to shame, I made my way from the blacktop to the Backstage Bar. ...

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Images: Leftöver Crack, D.I., Los Skarnales, Starving Wolves May 28, 2016 at the Fremont Country Club (Punk Rock Bowling)

After a morning show at Beauty Bar and a full day on the PRB blacktop you'd think I would dedicate the hours immediately after Flag to sleep. You'd be wrong though, since Leftöver Crack was playing Fremont Country Club, along with D.I., Los Skarnales and Starving Wolves! ...

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