Franks and Deans headed east

Rat pack punk rock cover band Franks and Deans has announced plans to once again leave the Double Down for greener pastures. Those pastures this time around are found in the middle east, where the band will surely bring about that long desired “peace in the middle east” by squashing that Columbia/Omaha beef.

That’s right, we’re talking middle USA, kicking off on July 1 in Denver, giving the band a chance to find out if the Rocky Mountains are truly rocky (or if John Denver is full of shit, man) and wrapping up a week later in Mesa, AZ (is that where Breaking Bad was filmed? I don’t know, make your own reference here).

Fans in Vegas will get a chance to check out the band before they leave, as they will be playing a dispensary sponsored event at the Double Down on June 22. Details for that show, and all their tour dates, are below.

Franks and Deans by Aaron Mattern



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