Images: The Color Morale, Out Came The Wolves, Sunlifter, A Fight at Daybreak November 2, 2016 at the Eagle Hall

I was back at Eagle Aerie Hall on the last day of an historic World Series game between the Cubs and Indians. That meant that before the show even started a bunch of people were gathered around the little TV in the venue watching the game. It was a different vibe than most shows I go to, but the energy from the game certainly carried over to enthusiasm for the bands.


Starting off the night was local metalcore band A Fight at Daybreak. I noticed all their instruments were wireless which made it easier for them to walk around, and they definitely took advantage of this, moving into the crowd throughout their set as the audience banged their heads.


The lights dimmed down when it was time for locals Sunlifter to play. Their music almost reminded me of The Ghost Inside, which is definitely a good thing. This band was just mind blowing, and their drummer was looking sick as heck.


Next up was Minneapolis rock band Out Came the Wolves. I’ve heard a lot about this band so I was very curious to see how they were live! The band had a very poppy rock vibe with a few fans in the front that were super excited to be there, singing every word. They brought everything they could to the table and were a blast to watch.


Finally, the moment we were all waiting for. The Color Morale played a discography-spanning set that had the crowd singing every word. Vocalist Garret Rapp was big on crowd interaction, and was also very interested in the score of the game, even walking over to the TV to watch for a few seconds while singing! The show ended wonderfully, with fans passing the mic around to sing. The Color Morale did an amazing job and they’re always a pleasure to see!

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