Images: Guts, Anchorless, Such a Mess March 18, 2017 at Beach Hut Deli

March 18 was big day for local pop punkers GUTS. In fact it was a funeral, but it’s OK because that band sure puts the fun in…well, you know.

Taking place at Beach Hut Deli, home of the Malibu Sandwich, GUTS was saying “goodbye” to being a band with their longest set – and their biggest audience. There was no room to move, and all the mics were mostly being used by the crowd, taking lead vocal duties away from Sean Romulus.

01 GUTS (6)

Words can’t express how grateful I am to have met these dudes and I’m sure their fans/friends can say the same. I took some time to just enjoy the moment and see everyone’s reaction to this being their last show ever.

As the night was coming to an end and the last song was about to play, everyone (the band and the crowd) had given it their all and it was clear in that moment just how much music can mean to people. I’m sad I won’t go to a GUTS show again or probably see this group of regular GUTS show goers again, but I’m so proud of this band and everything they helped with as a beginning photographer!


Spokes, Such a Mess and Don’t Leave California Records labelmates Anchorless opened the show, though unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there in time for Spokes. Such a Mess and Anchorless, however, did a great job hyping up the crowd for GUTS’ last show, sharing much of the same melodic qualities that I love about the headliner.

I wish the guys in GUTS the best in all future endeavors!

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