Images: Less Art, Life’s Torment, Unfair Fight August 7, 2017 at Garth Haus

Ed and Riley Breckenridge of Thrice may be the main reason the term “supergroup” gets thrown around when discussing their new project, post-hardcore band Less Art. But for Vegas fans, it’s all about frontman Mike Minnick.

Fans of Minnick’s old band, turn of the millennium metalcore act Curl Up And Die, made the trek to Garth Haus to see the throaty frontman play his first hometown show since CUAD played the much-missed music shop Balcony Lights in 2005. The band didn’t disappoint, blasting through a set of songs “fast, and then some even faster” as Minnick put it. Despite the long stretch between touring bands, Minnick was as energetic as ever, jumping around and sharing the mic with at least one fan who already knew all the words to the band’s just-released debut Strangled Light.

The show’s local openers were appropriate both in their punishing, hardcore tunes and their connection to the same turn of the millennium Vegas scene – Life’s Torment features former CUAD bassist Geoff Bergman and Unfair Fight frontman Dan45 lead CUAD contemporaries The Loud Pipes (and he was also celebrating his last day as a 30-something – happy birthday!).

-Steven Matview

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