Images: Be Like Max, Drinking Water, The Skunkadelics and more March 4, 2017 at The Garth Haus

Since moving to north town I should be a lot closer to shows now right? Right! In fact, this show at The Garth Haus was just a five minute car ride away. The venue reminded me of The Artistic Armory – just a lot smaller. And a lot sweatier.

First up was The CG’s, playing as a 3-piece this time, but still with the same high energy I’ve come to expect. The crowd was pumped and the band ended their set by throwing the drum set onto the ground.


This set the mood for the next band, Los Ataskados, to completely bring the house down. The sweaty, hot crowd were feeling the band’s rhythms, dancing and swaying to the music the whole time. Their music is like Spanish ska and it’s just amazing. No other way to put it – just amazing.


The Skunkadelics were up next, following up a 9 hour drive from San Fran with a high energy performance. The sharp-dressed rude boys had a spectacular horn section and a soft tone that was like heaven to my ears.


This show was billed as a video shoot for locals Drinking Water, who were the second to last band of the night. I’ve seen this band maybe a million (billion?) times, so they hold a special place in my heart and I was excited to be there for the shoot. Even with the lyrics often being in Spanish, a language I definitely do not speak, I could still listen to them all day. The crowd was encouraged to skank their butts off for the video and butts off they did. I could have sworn they almost brought the house down. Seriously that garage thing kept falling.


Last but not least, at almost 1 a.m. it was time for GOTH FUCKKK! Wait… I mean Be Like Max, that one band that sings that one song…

I always love seeing Be Like Max. I mean what can I say other than they’re “like” my favorite band (see what I did there?). While the crowd was lethargic from a full day of skanking, Be Like Max’s energy was infectious. Without a setlist, they spent a good portion of their time joking with the crowd, but then they played “Doomsday” and all was right with the world.


Overall, the show was super great, the turnout was awesome and the venue was different, maybe a few oscillating fans could help, but it was a good day for the Las Vegas music scene! Everyone had a blast and it was just great vibes everywhere.

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