Images: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The English Beat May 24 2015 at The Bunkhouse Saloon (Punk Rock Bowling)

It’s Punk Rock Bowling tradition to have a club show headlined by a “Surprise Guest” and it’s also a bit of a tradition to know that it’s going to be the most obvious choice. Lineup full of ska bands? Unobscured photo of the band on the back of the flyer? It’s gotta be the Bosstones, right?

And like previous years, we found out just a day prior, as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced during their day show that they were (SURPRISE!) going to play a club show at The Bunkhouse Saloon supported by fellow rudeboys the English Beat, The Skints and Chris Murray.

The Bosstones did have one surprise that no one guessed – that they’d be playing their 1989 debut Devil’s Night Out in its entirety. It’s an album that is the perfect fit for the PRB crowd, an album that is probably only right behind Op Ivy’s Energy on the list of records that had the most influence on modern ska punk.

Those tracks got fans skanking and moshing on the Bunkhouse’s rainsoaked stage, as did their set of classics that followed, which included the band’s signature song “The Impression that I Get” and “Kinder Words,” which was sorely missed from the band’s mainstage set.

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