Music: The Damnit Jims stream ‘Just Punk Enough,’ announce release show Oct. 22 at the Double Down

Today we’re bringing you a full stream of Just Punk Enough, the first full length from punk rock band The Damnit Jims. The album, which was recorded with John Brown at Camel Hump Studios, will be available in person at The Double Down this Saturday, Oct. 22, and it will be released digitally through SquidHat Records on the same day.

The Damnit Jims are somewhat unique for a band their size in the fact that the members don’t all live in the same city, requiring a bit of long distance communication as guitarist/vocalist Andy Harrison explains: “When the Jims decide to write we usually split duties between Stas [Stan Gibbs] and I. We write demos in our rooms or wherever and record them and then send them to each other…We all practice the songs on our own. Brad [Morgan] comes up with killer bass lines on his end and Rich [Castro] figures out the drums. In the studio we tweak the songs as needed and get advice from John Brown on some things. It’s not really the greatest way of doing things for a band but we do like that we only give ourselves a short amount of time in the studio so we don’t overthink things.”

Just Punk Enough follows the band’s 2015 debut EP Never Die, and as Harrison explains, this time around the band gave themselves longer to perfect and even change up their sound a bit: “We had more time to work with since we were recording a full length. We were also excited on how the EP turned out and knowing we could actually pull off playing live. So that got us going. We wrote the songs in about 2 weeks. We also tried to be a little different than the EP although it’s pretty damn close. This time around we used some different equipment and actually were able to rehearse before recording. 2 of the songs are pretty old songs that Stas and I wrote about 6 years ago. We just had to refresh them.”

The album will be available online via Squidhat Records and in person starting this Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Double Down. Harrison says, “playing the Double Down is awesome! It’s a place where people actually go to see live music. It’s a place where you can get in an argument about music one minute and cheers that same person with a drink the next. It’s also great playing there cause most people are a little drunk. That makes The Damnit Jims sound WAY BETTER. The Double Down is THE place where you play if you’re in a punk band in Vegas. It’s like a rite of passage.”

They’re also big fans of the show’s openers: “Playing with bands like Franks and Deans, The People’s Whiskey and Castoff is a dream come true. It’s like when you were young and had all your musician friends come over to hang out and drink beers and play some music. The people in these bands are awesome and I am stoked to be creating something with them. Now the bands themselves are badass. I think it’s a great mix of bands for the night. The People’s Whiskey brings their cowpunk to the table. Castoff brings the skatepunk. Franks and Deans bring their Rat Pack punk rock, which is more like a show in itself. And The Damnit Jims bring our pop punk to end the night. It’s perfect!”

Just Punk Enough release show:
Lineup: The Damnit Jims, Franks & Deans, Castoff, The People’s Whiskey
Date: Saturday, Oct. 22 at 10 p.m.
Location: The Double Down
Admission: 21+, Free
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