Music: Jesse Pino and the Vital Signs “Hearts Collide”

Today we’re bringing you a sneak peek stream of “Hearts Collide,” a brand new song from local band Jesse Pino and the Vital Signs. The song will be available on the group’s Bandcamp page this Friday, Oct. 21, just in time for their free show in Container Park.

“Hearts Collide” is the second single from the band’s upcoming 6-song EP, Signal Received, with first single “Love Pyre” having been released last year.

Vegas music fans will recognize Pino from his many years in the local scene, most recently with a backing band called The Clever Clouds (who are heard on these recordings), which featured Jameson Bauman on drums, Jason Beck on bass and Jonah Vongdala on guitar. But things were about to change, and the Vital Signs were soon to form.

According to Pino, “priorities shifted with Jason and Jonah, so I was on the lookout for a new bass and guitar player. I have been friends with Louise Lincicome for a few years now. I use to see her jam in the band Calmosa. She gets wild on stage. It’s so rad to watch. She plays with feeling and heart, and I really admire that in any musician. I caught up with her in July, learned she wasn’t committed to anything, and asked her to join my band.”

“On guitar, by sheer luck, I found Gregory Adams. Or should I say he found me? A talented guitarist and songwriter himself, he was used to jamming with singer-songwriters. He messaged me on Facebook asking if I needed a second guitar player. I responded back, but never heard anything from him. Then, a few weeks later, my Instagram notifies me and it’s Greg covering the lead guitar parts of ‘Love Pyre.’ I was like, “Damn, this is dude is killer!” I invited him to rehearsal, and it all worked out.”

In terms of drums, Pino has a long-time friend behind the kit. “Jameson has been playing drums with me since the beginning of all of this,” Pino says. “We both entered the music scene in our teens. We never played in the same band until now, but our bands played shows together a lot back in the day. He’s such good drummer! One of the raddest things about Jameson is that he can play for the song, but still add enough flavor to make it interesting and not so cookie cutter.”

As for the recording of Signal Received, Pino says “Matthew Breunig engineered this single [“Hearts Collide”]. In my opinion, he is one of the most talented, educated, and versatile Engineers I’ve worked with.  We tracked drums at National Southwestern Recording, the studio in the back of 11th Street Records. I love that place. Everything else we tracked at Matt’s house. He has a sick setup at home, and with me being his roommate, it was a convenience I totally took advantage of. I’m also wearing the producer hat on these songs.”

An official EP release date for Signal Received has yet to be announced, but Pino tells us it’s not far off. Luckily for you, you can hear the songs in person this Friday, Oct. 21 at the Container Park.


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