Music: Ministry of Love “Obituary”

If you’re paying any attention to the music scene in Vegas, then odds are good that you’ve heard of our featured music artist of this week.

Ministry of Love’s name is almost inescapable, and that’s no accident. They’re one of the hardest working and most enthusiastic bands in town, with their outreach efforts led by bass player and local music promoter Patrick “Pulsar” Trout. From Facebook friend requests to passing out flyers at shows and opening spots on shows ranging from A Day to Remember to The Misfits and everyone in between, these guys and gals obviously love what they do and that passion comes through in their music.

Obituary, the band’s latest track, comes complete with catchy guitar riffs and a powerful performance from vocalist Meg Vitale. The song finds Ministry of Love sliding comfortably into the pop/rock genre, a sound that suits the band nicely.

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out Ministry of Love of that their next gig, opening for  Hawthorne Heights at a special, intimate show on October 13 at The Sanctuary that will also feature Amarionette, FearMera, and Ashylla Shore. The show is $11 and all ages.

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