Review: Ogikubo Station “S/T” (2017)

Ogikubo Station
Asian Man Records (2017)
Sounds like: Mike Park (lol), Divided Heaven

Score: 8.5

The worlds of pop punk and ska collide with Ogikubo Station, a duo consisting of Maura Weaver of Mixtapes and Asian Man Records founder Mike Park. Contrary to what one might expect of a project from Weaver and Park, Ogikubo Station itself is a folky, acoustic indie rock outfit. They released their first EP, S/T, in February of this year, and if you thought that Mike Park’s solo stuff was a gentle, acoustic departure from Skankin’ Pickle, the Chinkees, etc… well, brace yourself for some soft punk lullabies – literally, in the case of S/T’s last song, “Hey Goodnight Goodnight All Goodnight.”

At its core, Ogikubo Station is two friends making some pure songs about love and racism (among other subjects). Weaver and Park make an ideal vocal pair, though perhaps I’m biased because I love all of Mike’s musical projects, and I’m an absolute sucker for lower feminine voices. Their harmonizing is especially enchanting in what is arguably S/T’s most popular song, “This World Breaks Your Heart and Makes You Grey” (check out the charmingly minimalist music video here).

If you’ll be in Las Vegas this weekend, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear S/T live this Sunday, when they open for Streetlight Manifesto. And if you’re a true fan: Mike Park and Maura Weaver are being gracious enough to headline the Punks in Vegas’s 6 Year Bash the night before. Bring along a few friends (and/or make new friends at these shows) and come party with us this weekend!

-Jazmin Boulton



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