SquidHat Records & PunksInVegas.com team up to release free Vegas locals Punk Rock Bowling sampler

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The 2016 Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival is rapidly approaching – taking place May 26-30 in downtown Las Vegas. To celebrate, we’re once again teaming up with Vegas’ own SquidHat Records to release a free digital compilation.

The compilation features five local bands who are playing this year’s festival, with each band contributing two tracks each, as well as album art from local artist Brock Frabbiele.


1. The Damnit Jims – Not Your Enemy
2. Be Like Max – Wasted Days
3. The Negative Nancys – Headsick
4. Rayner – Dreameater
5. Franks and Deans – Ain’t That A Kick
6. The Damnit Jims – Out of Luck
7. Be Like Max – Yea, So What
8. The Negative Nancys – Mean Girl
9. Rayner – Son Of A Salesman
10. Franks and Deans – Lady Is A Tramp

The compilation is available as a free download on the following Bandcamp pages:

PunksInVegas.com Bandcamp

SquidHat Records Bandcamp

Since we know you’ll inevitably fall in love with all of these bands and want to see them live at PRB, here are the dates and venues they will be appearing at:

  • Franks and Deans: Thursday, May 26 at the Las Vegas Country Saloon (supporting Jello Biafra, Angry Samoans and MIA)
  • The Damnit Jims: Saturday, May 28 on the PRB mainstage (supporting Flag, The Exploited, Subhumans and more)
  • Be Like Max and The Negative Nancys: Sunday, May 29 on the PRB mainstage (supporting Descendents, Buzzcocks, Millencolin, Dillinger Four and more)
  • Rayner: Monday, May 30 on the PRB mainstage (supporting Flogging Molly, Face To Face, Strung Out, Dag Nasty and more)

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