Stripped Down Session: A Loss For Words (two songs)

It’s been a little while since Boston, MA pop punk band A Loss For Words has played Vegas – their last show here being a part of the 2012 Extreme Thing Festival – so as soon as it was announced that their The Lost Boys co-headliner with Handguns would be coming through Henderson I knew I had to jump at the chance to film a session with them. Vocalist Matt Arsenault just has such a cool voice (which is even more evident if you check out his R&B side project Class of 92.)

Promoter Patrick “Pulsar” Trout was nice enough to let me into the Eagle Hall early so we could film this session, where Arsenault and bandmates Marc Dangora and Mike Adams played “Distance” from A Loss For Words’ new album Before It Caves and classic “Pirouette” from No Sanctuary.

Video: Steven Matview

Edited by Steven Matview (video) and Chris Duggan  (audio)

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