Stripped Down Session: Second to Last (two songs)

Second to Last vocalist Tyson Evans was kind enough to make an early afternoon stop at the new Punks in Vegas HQ to play a couple songs from his band’s latest album Nobody Cares. This is the inaugural session at the new casa de PIV, so please excuse the still-bare walls.

After spending time waxing-nostalgic on the histories of Rancid, Bouncing Souls (his favorite Souls album is How I Spent My Summer Vacation) and Saves the Day, Tyson sat down and played the two tracks here: “Give Me Anything” and “Untitled.”

If you like what you hear, Nobody Cares is currently only $5 on the group’s bandcamp.

The band also has a deluge of tour dates coming up, including dates with our friends Maker and Mixtapes. Head over to for those details.

Video: Steven Matview / Aaron Mattern
Edited by Steven Matview (video) and Chris Duggan  (audio)

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