Video: Caravels live at Meatheads (redux)

The first show I covered under the Punks in Vegas name was Daytrader and Caravels March 30, 2011 at Meatheads. The shows was unique in that Caravels’ drummer George Foskaris hurt his back and, not wanting to cancel after already losing one opener to sickness (Seahaven), the band put together special, “stripped down” versions of their songs to entertain the small but passionate crowd. I wish I could have recorded the whole set because it was really something special. I did, however, record two songs, “Girth Impression” and “Buddy Systems” from their self-titled 7” and Floorboards EP respectively. And as part of an ongoing process to move my earlier videos from my personal Youtube channel to the official Punks in Vegas one, Tyler Newton and I have gone back to once again remaster an earlier work. So enjoy the videos here and tell Caravels how good their stripped down versions are so they become enticed to release an EP in this style!

Video: Steven Maview
Audio: Tyler Newton

Originally recorded on March 30, 2011 by Steven Matview

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