Video: Jack Evan Johnson “Failure is an Option”

Las Vegas native Jack Evan Johnson has released a new, Kris Krainock-directed music video for his song “Failure is an Option.” The song is the title track from the current Nashville resident’s album, which was released today via Bandcamp.

The video itself was inspired by Tom Waits, as Johnson explains: “I read this Tom Waits quote years ago where he said that anyone who has ever played a piano wants to push one out of a 12th floor window. I’m not a pianist, so after attempting to play an untuned, old upright for this song, I knew exactly what he was talking about.”

Fans of Johnson’s will be able to catch him live ta the following dates:

Nov. 17 – Denver, Colorado – Goosetown Tavern (with Same Sex Mary)
Nov. 18 – Rollinsville, Colorado – The Stage Stop
Nov. 19 – Denver, Colorado – FACEMAN’S 100 Year Storm festival at the Oriental Theater.
Nov. 30 – Nashville, TN – Failure is an Option album release at The East Room

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