Images: The Interrupters, SWMRS, Sharp/Shock, Jerk! October 18, 2017 at Vinyl Las Vegas

On October 18, 2017, SWMRS and The Interrupters co-headlined at the Vinyl in Las Vegas alongside Sharp/Shock and locals Jerk!.

SWMRS can be described as a “woke” band as they preached to the young crowd about the current state of the world. With every song break, they spoke words of wisdom.

They encouraged the crowd to always voice their opinion, but to be open to the world around them. They stressed the importance of diversity, loving one another, and treating everyone with kindness.

For SWMRS, fans always come first. Throughout their performance, they made sure everyone felt comfortable and safe and made it known that if a situation arose, either them or their crew members would reach out to help.

While they played their song “Palm Trees”, the crowd started to open up a pit in excitement. It was evident that the fans were full of passion and enthusiasm as they pointed fingers and sang in the circle.

Ska-Punk band, The Interrupters closed out the night and they really don’t let anything hold them back when they perform!

Guitarist Kevin Bivona had an unfortunate accident prior to the show, causing him to break his leg. However, that didn’t stop The Interrupters from canceling any shows or even half-assing their energy.

If it weren’t for the cast on Kevin’s leg, you would’ve never known he had a fracture! They were very upbeat and full of energy during their performance as they dancing and brought up the crowd’s energy.

Being a band that caters to all ages, at one point during the night, The Interrupters sang Happy Birthday to two young, but clearly huge fans. This gesture really lit up these lucky fans’ faces’!

All the bands that performed that night showcased their immense energy and talent.

Be sure to check out their music and catch them on the second half of their tour starting at the end of November!

-Elisa Guizar of Astr0Mag |

Photos by Aaron Mattern |

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